Bloomingdales Credit Card

Finding a store that is perfect for buying clothing items and things for the entire family is a hard thing to find sometimes. If you really want to have fashionable clothing of great quality at reasonable prices you probably had a really hard time before as well. That was before you came to know about Bloomingdales and the Bloomingdales Credit Card. For many people, Bloomingdales has been their store of choice for a very long time now. When most people think of Bloomingdales though, they think of it being a store that caters only to women's clothing. Over the years, Bloomingdales expanded their reach and with great success. Now, people are finding things to buy from their catalog not only for women, but men and children as well. Actually, they even have now a section for items to buy for your home.

When you first get your Bloomingdales Credit Card, you are going to receive 10% savings on each purchase you make for the first two days. Most retail cards only allow you to get that kind of discount on your very first purchase. By Bloomingdales giving you a full two days to get used to your card and get the discount, they are really showing their competitive side. Other than that though, the other benefits are a bit harder to get into unless you are a really big shopper at Bloomingdales. You will have to get a full 5,000 points before you are able to receive a $25 gift card from Bloomingdales. Even they will say on their site that you really do have to use the card a lot to see the rewards come quickly.


With that being said, there seems to be no stopping people from getting their hands on their Bloomingdales Credit Card. It seems that once people find out about their quality of their products and the prices, the rest is history. People who get their own Bloomingdales Credit Card have no problems racking up those 5,000 at all. In fact, they are likely to get that amount of points two or three times a month even. For every dollar you spend using your Bloomingdales Credit Card you will get 3 points and 2 points only if you are upgraded to their American Express version of the card.

Actually, that is really just about all that you are going to get out of the Bloomingdales Credit Card. Aside from their in-store and online promotions as well as coupons now and then you are going with this just for the points. Bloomingdales fans are going to understand this card very easily while most others who don't know about the store will not get it at first. If you are already shopping at Bloomingdales most of the month and you don't have a Bloomingdales Credit Card, you should go ahead now and seriously consider it. If you use your card a lot, you will save tremendously. If you aren't someone who would buy a lot from this retailer, it's best to find a card from a different store chain.